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NPS announces "Hands-On" agreement with Information Methodologies

9th November 2004

Melbourne, Australia: NPS Consulting Group ("NPS") was pleased to announce the joint signing of an agreement with Information Methodologies Incorporated ("IMI") today for the distribution of their new Faculty Administration System, Hands-On.

Nick Stanley, NPS Founder and Managing Director, says that the signing of the agreement makes way for the distribution of a totally unique solution which will be a first of a kind for the Australian Higher Education Sector. "This system addresses a key process that has provided many universities with head-aches over recent years. We believe that this solution will prove very popular with forward thinking universities who are keen to streamline and enhance their overall academic staff recruitment and retention processes and adopt World's Best Practice."

IMI are currently putting the finishing touches on the system as it is deployed at its first site at a major research institution in the United States. Richard Jacik, IMI President and Founding Director, is excited by the prospects for Hands-On in Australia:

"Our US customers are very keen on this solution as it is an area that has traditionally been overlooked by university Management Information Systems. The whole process of academic staff recruitment, retention, appointments and promotions, can be a real mine-field, with financial and administrative promises left unfulfilled, less than transparent approval policies and other complexities; Hands-On allows universities to cut through the red-tape and enhance their ability to attract, serve, and retain the best faculty in the world." said Richard from IMI's head office in Herndon, Virginia.

Hands-On complements university management information systems by integrating with financial and HR data. It includes a workflow engine that allows the university to obtain approvals for commitments made by the university based on user roles and workflow rules and it tracks contingent commitments - making sure faculty "hold up their end of the bargain".

The system has been designed to integrate with key Financial, HR, Student, and Reporting tools.

This is another step in a series of planned projects between NPS and IMI, and is the basis for a strong strategic partnership between the two organisations. IMI is a leading enterprise web integrator in the higher education sector in the USA, providing advanced technology services to public sector clients. NPS is a niche provider of services and solutions in the education sector within Australia; together the two organisations are able to offer a focused value proposition to university customers.